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Backing tips and tricks you should know

Do you love to bake? Imitate things that you have seen on a television show or when you were looking on your TikTok? But does it look the same as what you were trying to make? Pastry chefs doesn’t always give their recipes out, but they can give you a lot of tips and tricks what you can use when you are making and decorating a cake for example. Do you want to know how you can become a homemade pastry chef?

Basic recipe is the key

Before you can make a triple cake with nuts, apple, raisins, and cinnamon, it’s important that you start at the begin. Always begin at the basic. It maybe doesn’t taste as good as you would like to, but it’s important that you know what you must add to your batter before you are adding stuff that doesn’t belong in there. Also, you must know if you must leave out a bit of the basic when you’re adding specific things. You can always look on the web if you could find a recipe that you would like to make.


When you have your base done and made a good tasting cake for example, you can start decorating. There are multiple manners to decorate, namely:


Buttercream you can use to make a nice swirl on a cake, but also as a filling for in or between the cake. You can also add a flavor to buttercream. But make sure there are no pieces in it. This makes spraying much more difficult.

When you are spraying buttercream, always use a piping bag with a nozzle. This allows you to spray much more evenly and neatly.

Rolled fondant or marzipan.

You can also use rolled fondant or marzipan to decorate a cake. You can do this by cover a cake. But you can also make figures in 2D or 3D. When you work with fondant or marzipan make sure your hands are always clean. Otherwise, your work is going to be dirty. Also, you can use food coloring to give your rolled fondant or marzipan a color. That would be more fun right. What you should know about food coloring is that it isn’t easy. You shouldn’t use to much of it. To be very precise you can use dropper bottles. Then you can add little by little.

Show and save

When you are proud of what you made, you can show the world. By putting it on Instagram, Facebook, etc. But to show your house u can put your batch into apothecary jar. It looks great in your living room, and you can keep them good for a longer time. You can buy them in apothecary jars wholesale.